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iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4 technical service

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Screen not working?

 iPad Mini , repair the screen if…

  • The glass is broken and the screen looks black.
  • The screen is broken but the image is visible.
  • The glass is broken and the touch does not work.
  • Spots on the screen.
  • Color bars on the screen.
  • The images look bad.

When we have an impact on the iPad Mini , the LCD or glass usually breaks.

The front screen of iPad Mini  is composed of a digital glass screen and LCD.

If the glass has broken and the LCD stops working, the entire screen must be replaced.

Replacing the entire screen is done quickly, as long as spare parts are in stock

No data is deleted from the iPad Mini since the mobile screen or digital glass is separated.

The parts used in all our repairs are of high quality, and that is why we give you a guarantee.

When to replace iPad Mini battery?:

  • The battery lasts little
  • it shuts down and restarts itself.
  • Doesn’t charge.
  • The full charge drops suddenly.
  • The iPad does not turn on.

Most batteries drain quickly because the device is used very frequently or intensively.

For this reason, the batteries are losing capacity, significantly reducing the autonomy of the iPad Mini.

When we get to this point, the only solution is to change the battery.

The replacement of the battery, as long as there are spare parts in stock, from one day to the next.

No data is deleted .

Is your iPad Mini not charging?:

  • Does not charge or charges intermittently.
  • When do I connect my iPad Mini  to the computer? He doesn’t recognize it.

If the charging connector makes poor contact and does not start charging, the charging connector will most likely need to be replaced.

It must be taken into account that iPad Minis, and even more so smartphones, are devices that are carried in bags, pockets, etc.

They are also usually on the sofa at home or on a table or we take them on trips.

In all this coming and going, dust, lint and other particles accumulate in the charging connector.

Sometimes when inserting the charger, and due to the accumulation of dirt, the charger does not fit.

What do we do when this happens to us? We force the charger until we end up breaking the connector.

Are you having problems with the camera on your iPad Mini?

  • The camera does not open.
  • Does not take photos correctly.
  • Distorts the image.
  • Colored streaks appear, or colors change.
  • The image looks black.

When you take photos and they are blurry, with stains on your iPad Mini  you have to choose this repair.

Camera replacement is done in less than an hour, as long as spare parts are in stock

No data will be deleted.

How do I prepare the phone for shipping:

pick-up and delivery service
  •  Remove the SIM card and SD memory card (Our data privacy policy does not allow us to receive the phone with SIM or SD Card)
  • Put the phone in a box or bubble bag for shipping (the original box if you have it is a good option)
  • For greater security, put your name and contact phone number in the box.
  • Have it ready for when the MRW Messenger comes to pick it up.

Our shipments include loss or breakage insurance of 600 euros, which we will certainly not have to use.